Saturday, May 14, 2011

Clan Jade Falcon vs Kurita

Today we piled into Mark’s new and improved garage. He’s spent an insane amount of time doing up his garage, with wall cabinets all along one side to house all his toy’s and terrain. A couch and good size coffee table on the other side. It’s now a gamers paradise.The only thing missing at the moment is the beer fridge, which I’m sure will eventually turn up :-).

We ran our first game using Battle Values, After a little bit of messing around we ended up  with Mark and Paul running a lance each of 4 Mech’s versus my 4 Clan Mech’s. It wasn’t until I added the points up as I was writing this that I saw I was running over 1000 points more.

The table setup was a large city with a river running across one end and a forest on the far side of that. At the other end of the table were two power plants, which were my objectives to destroy. (Mark’s Blog with a good overview pic of the table)

The deployment was the Jade Falcons coming into the city from the forest edge while House Kurita took the Power Plant edge.

Clan Jade FalconBattletech     8272
Loki Prime                       2196
Loki A                                1651
Thor Prime                     2306
Thor A                              2119             

Kurita                       7196
Trebuchet                          864
Dervish                                868
Catapult                              1165
Whitworth                           771

Vindicator                         900
Panther                               664
Dragon                                952
Quickdraw                       1012

The first round I came in from the forest edge over the bridge so I could get into the city for some cover. The other guys moved up, jumping onto buildings and manoeuvring into positions to take me in there crossfire. I then split my Lance to two, one Loki and one Thor to go for the each objective. 

Battletech Clan Jade FalconBattletech Clan Jade Falcon

After a massive exchange of fire power between one of my Thor’s that jumped onto a building and Pauls Catapult which was already sitting on top of a building. Both Mech’s fell over. Unfortunately for me I fell forward off the building which resulted in the destruction of both of my Gyro's, end’s that Mech’s game

Battletech Clan Jade Falcon

On the other side of the board I had also jumped onto the rooftop with my other Thor, and the following exchange was a whole lot of nothing as we were to close for all our big guns. Then  after losing initiative, I got completely surrounded when I jumped back to the ground.

Battletech Clan Jade Falcon - ThorClan2Battletech Clan Jade Falcon -Thor

After my Thor fell to it’s doom, I moved my lone Loki into some cover from the Kurita Mech’s on the roof and unloaded everything I had to try and reduce at least one Mech to rubble. Unfortunately the following barrage of missiles and my already hot Mech meant I had to use my Anti-Missile system to try and avoid total destruction, but  totally overheated. My Mech shutdown on me and I was a sitting duck. Which didn’t take long before my ammo case was hit and I vaporised.

With two Mech’s out of the game I changed tactics and went for a run at the power plants ignoring everything and just tried to get some cover while blasting away at the power plants. This worked for the first power plant although as I took alot of damage on the Thor in the process, then the Loki with it’s LRM20 came in to finish off the first power plant. (80 Building points later)

Battletech Clan Jade Falcon - ThorBattletech Clan Jade Falcon - Thor

After that it was a running game to get into position to blast away at the final power plant. With no armour left on the Thor and taking critical hits all over the place I got the final shot off to destroy the objective and win the game.

Battletech Clan Jade Falcon - ThorBattletech Clan Jade Falcon - Thor

Overall a really smooth game, as we have got the basics down pat, and starting to bring in some of the more complex rules. Along with Mark’s awesome table setup it made for an awesome game.

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