Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Heavy Gear – South Starter Army – Unboxing

Today my order of Heavy Gear turned up..finally. After having to wait several weeks for them to get more metal….(apparently). I had ordered it directly from the Dream Pod 9 web site, and after a week of my order sitting at “Pending” I emailed them and got responses in a reasonable timeframe. They  explained they were delays in them getting metal to manufacture with. It’s here so I can’t really complain.

This is written from my pint of view, knowing zip about the actual game, yes I know absolutely nothing about the game at all. I simply liked the look of the models as did a mate of mine, so we thought we would try it out. I didn’t even try and download the rules.

So first up the opening the shipping packaging, I found a nice simple cardboard package in shrink wrap plastic. The sort of cardboard they use in standard courier and postage boxes. It has a matt finished large label stuck on the exterior with the relevant info on the contents . So a simple and relatively cheap box. Which I have no problem with at all, as you normally just throw them away anyway.

Heavy Gear - South Starter ArmyHeavy Gear - South Starter Army

Heavy Gear - South Starter ArmyInside you find a set of bright yellow dice (4 in all)  and a logoed tape measure with inch's and cm. It’s a little cheap and gimmicky, but it’s something more than  you get in most starter packs. It actually means you have every to play with in the box bar terrain.

Heavy Gear - South Starter ArmyNext you have the Rule book and a Welcome letter. The Welcome letter gives you some info on what's in the box and a couple of pointers on where to get started depending on which Army you have chosen. The rule book has a nice colour cover (softcover) but has cheaper black and white rag on the inside. I get the impression that the full colour rule book would have very nice look and feel.

Then comes the good bit’s, the actually model boxes are what you expect these days from a miniature manufacturer. Nice full colour glossily card exterior,  inside you find the usual plastic container with compartments with lots and lots of parts. There are also some game cards with the units stats on them, but only in black and white. Which I find a little bit of a let down. With games around like War Machine I would have thought they would have upped there game a bit. Maybe something they will do in the future, or it could just be in the starter packs since I know very little about the game.

Heavy Gear - South Starter ArmyHeavy Gear - South Starter ArmyHeavy Gear - South Starter Army

Pulling out the models and having a closer look, there are a bunch of small hex bases and lots of parts. Each model is made up of several parts plus multiple weapon options. These will be great for making up different posses  and getting creative with bases. But they are definitely not for a beginner. They would be easy enough to super glue together but I don’t think they would last to long with lots of use, Pinning is going to need.  Details on the models  are not over the top, but nice and clean.  I’m now really looking forward to getting them put together.

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