Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rules Overload

Talk about a brain overload on rules. On Saturday we rolled out another game of Battletech, followed by a game of FoG, then a game of Malifux. Then to finish off the day with another round of FoG. So the brain is a little blurred with rules. But it was a lot of fun, getting in 4 good games and mixing them up made for a great day, although a little brain bending.

The Battletech game went off really well, with the stat sheets for the Mechs all laminated now, it made for a much nicer and quicker game with less time spent running the paperwork. It was a three way game between Mark, Chris and I. The initiative roll really played it part in this game, and I was on the end of it on countless times. We slugged it out for the first few rounds, with all of us doing a little bit of run and hide jockeying for the best position. I got shot to bits in the back after losing the initiative and tried to get into some cover, but Chris had his revenge and hit my internal ammo three times, completely obliterating the Mech . Then Mark and Chris slugged it out for another few rounds before Chris took down Marks Mech.

The two FoG games I rolled out my New Kingdom Egyptians up against Chris's Chinese Jin. I managed to completely botch my deployment on the first game leavening two battle groups basically stranded for the game. I was severally beaten in that game. In the second game my deployment was much better but my dice rolling was ludicrously bad, and against Chris’s hand of God rolling 5’s and 6’s at will, I had no chance. I don’t think I even managed to get 1 point off him in that game. ….back to the drawing board, I really need to work out how to use the light chariots better.

Here’s a few pictures of the FoG battle.. or should I say FoG rout.. my Egyptians got mashed in both games. They are looking rather unpainted at this stage, and none of my Chariots, are actually on the bases yet. But I just couldn’t resist playing them in a few games.

Feild of Glory Feild of GloryFeild of Glory Feild of Glory

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