Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gladiator Saturday

imageWell I rocked down south to the Drury gaming club again this month, not as many people there this month, but still a good crew. We rocked out a big hack and slash game of Gladiator to start with. While a couple of other tables played Field of Glory Renaissance.

With Mark and Jason having all the models, it was a great intro to the game for me, since I hadn’t played at all. Our first Gladiator game  was a four player free for all, with each of us having one model in the arena at a time. Then when your model got cut down you grabbed one from the side line and ran in for more, until all the models were either in play or lying bleeding or dead in the arena. This was a fantastic way to start the day, nothing to serious and lot’s of ribbing each other for ganging up on someone then trying to stab your allies in the back. I only had my little point and shoot camera with me so the photos aren’t great.

WarHammer Historical  GladiatorWarHammer Historical  GladiatorWarHammer Historical  GladiatorWarHammer Historical  GladiatorWarHammer Historical  GladiatorWarHammer Historical  Gladiator

I also got in a game of Infinity in-between the Gladiator games, well actually it was a little one sided. Basically me blasting the crap out of Mark in turn one. with some seriously good dice rolling. This game really highlight that fact you have to deploy your troops into full cover, as a well placed sniper and some good rolls can mean you lose half your troops in the top of turn one…. as Mark found out. On top of that I took out his Lieutenant so his orders got cut in half before he even started his turn. it was a quick game.

Then I rocked out a quick game a basic Battlatech with Brian, to introduce him back into the game. We dropped the heat rules to speed things up and not get to complicated. Two Mech’s each , the game was over in about 30 minutes with some insane rolls that ended up with catastrophic ammo explosions on three hardly damaged Mech’s. Truly insane fast game.

In the second game of Gladiators, later in the afternoon we had everyone playing, two sides with four players per side. Each of us had three Gladiators, with only one in the arena at a time.  So a four on four blood fest… well let me say this… half my team were a bunch of lily livered whelps. Add to that my chronically bad dice rolling, (After whipping MArk at infinitym the dice god’s turned on me) and I lost all three of my gladiators first. I was great fun even if I did get slaughtered first :-).

WarHammer Historical - GladiatorWarHammer Historical - GladiatorWarHammer Historical - Gladiator

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