Sunday, September 11, 2011

Legends of the Old West - Cowgirl Posse


Thought I start getting some painting ideas for my Cowgirl Posse now that Black Scorpion  have shipped them. The good old internet search turned up far more interesting things and some  bizarre  things than I was expecting. But here’s a sample of some Politically correct ones. Not alot to help with painting ideas…lol


While looking around I found some great old photos of American Indian’s, no idea if they are real or not, but there are some very cool photo’s out there. I could easily see myself getting some Indians in the near future. I found this web site that has some incredible real photos on it of  Indians from around the 1900’s  , .

imageAmerican Indian

Then I stumbled across this which I just had to share.


I’m really looking forward to getting the rules and running my Cowgirl’s  Posse.

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