Monday, January 23, 2012

Viking misery

Well my new Viking list suffered two defeats yesterday in a row. Both games were played against Chris with some proxies armies at 800 pts (He was using my unfinished Egyptian army, hence the strange pictures). Back to the drawing board I think with the list. Or maybe I just need to figure out a few more tactics.

The first game I lost when I went into terrain with lots of heavy foot and got shot to S#@$% (I should know better) The second game I also got shot to S#@$  again by lots of light troops and I just couldn’t catch them with all my heavy troops. I did learn a bit today with playing my formation a bit different from my usual. We came across a few different confrontations that bent the mind trying to work them out and struck the frustration of the FOG rule book.(Which has a really bad index) I still need to brush up on the finer parts of the FOG rules as I’m rather rusty. Still, even with losing it was a fun day as usual.

FOG - Viking DeploymentFOG - The Enemy deploymentFOG - The Enemy deploymentFOG - Vikings in Brush ...not a great ideaFOG - Viking dishing out some death as they shouldFOG - Viking breaking and causing chaosFOG - Vikings, in uphill forest ... stupid me

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