Wednesday, April 18, 2012

W.I.P. Aquan Fleet

FireStorm Armada Aquan Prime Fleet

Aquan Medusa Class Dreadnought -011

With my Tsunami Heavy Cruiser, Triton Carrier and Manta Battle Carrier turning up yesterday. I was totally surprised by the size of the Manta, I wasn’t expecting it to be that big. So there was no way I wasn’t going to start on them today (Gotta love being on holiday). So I’ve based coated them and added in a green to my colour scheme for some variation.

The Dreadnought is coming along slowly,  with more work done on the engines, it’s a slow process with so many angles to paint.

Aquan Prime Manta Class Battle Carrier -012Aquan Stingray Class Destroyer-008

Once I ink the Manta and Triton they should cool down a bit and blend into the general fleet … that's what I’m hoping anyway.

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