Thursday, April 19, 2012

WIP–Aquan Prime Fleet : Part 2

FireStorm Armada Aquan Prime Manta

The Aquan Prime fleet has grown quickly and I’ve enjoyed painting them. Having just finished off the Manta, I’ve now only got the Dreadnought to complete.

FireStorm Armada Aquan Prime Manta FireStorm Armada Aquan Prime Manta

The Triton and Tsunami were both chipped models when I took them out of the blister packs, nothing too major so I just used the chips as battle damage. 

FireStorm Armada Aquan Prime TritonFireStorm Armada Aquan Prime Triton

I had a few problems with my paint mix when airbrushing, so I think I’ll expand my paint range and try a few other types of paint for air brushing. (Currently using Vallejo) You can see a few spit marks in the photos, but you don’t notice them on the table.

FireStorm Armada Aquan Prime TsunamiFireStorm Armada Aquan Prime-Tsunami 009

Overall the fleet look has come out as close to what I had imagined, as I’ll ever get. Safe to say I’m rather pleased with the outcome considering the time frame which I’ve got it all done in. Five weeks since I first got the starter box

FireStorm Armada Aquan Prime Fleet

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