Sunday, September 9, 2012

The victorious Vikings

As usual it was another great day down at the South Auckland club yesterday. There was Warhammer 40K, Field of Glory Renaissance, along with a game of Pike & Shot and of course Field of Glory. So just a normal game day at the club.

My first game was up against Chris with his Hungarian army. Poor Chris couldn’t roll a six to save himself, and I had him running all over his own troops. Chris did manage to break one of my battle groups, but the rest of my Vikings just rolled overtop of the Hungarians.


A few strange Egyptian models were hanging about in the fight, as Chris used some of my stands from my New Kingdom Egyptian army as proxy’s until the rest of his order turns up.


The second game I played Jason and his Swedish army. It stared with the Vikings getting shoot up, an me rolling like a demon making every moral check, then Jason had some epic failures of the dice as our main army battle lines clashed in the middle of the table. So it was looking like another walk over by the end of turn two for me. That changed slowly as the Swedish Nights ran down one of my flanking battle groups and the other flank was harassed by Cavalry and a group of light foot hand gunners. The game ended when my Huscarls broken through the Swedish line and went on to sack there camp. The end score was 8 points to 7, so a real close battle.


Here’s a few photos of some of the other games that were going on. Blood Angels versus The Sisters of Battle.


Field of Glory Renaissance.


Brian and Arthur rolled out there first game of Pike & Shot in 28mm, with some very nice looking models.


So the victorious Vikings rolled out two wins, so that’s three in a row, I best go buy a lotto ticket with this sort of luck.

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