Sunday, August 13, 2017

Wife beating in Suburbia

Ha..Ha..Ha ..It's not what you think... its a board game!
So after a long hiatus in blogging, I though I get back into my blogging and start with the latest board games I've been playing.

 Yep, that's right, the wife has been beating me senseless in every game of Suburbia we have played so far. I picked this up a few weeks back, and after 6 games I still haven't won any. Dispite the losing, it's a fun game and something quite different from the typical board games I normally get. I would have actually never bought it, if I hadn't started a conversation with a gentleman in the shop at the same time as me. I'm glad I took his advise.

Here's a couple of shots of the box and a game in progress I swiped from the internet. I'm not going to review it as there are plenty of reviews out there. It's an enjoyable game for two players, I'm looking forward to trying it with 3 or 4 players.  Well worth a go if you get the chance.

I also picked up Mainframe on Friday, being a fan of the Android universe. Have yet to play it, but looks like a fun none brain taxing game. I'm pretty certain I'll be losing at that as well.

Now for a brain taxing game, have four or five drinks, then late at night bust out Ticket to Ride.
Yep, Ticket to Ride.. not just any Ticket to Ride, but the latest version, the Rails and Sails version. Oh and play it for the first time while your well into a Scotch bottle.  My wife is a huge fan of ticket to ride, so I bought her this as a random gift. 

It's definitely adding another spin on the game and a little mind bending with boats and trains and the need to manage how many of each you start with. Still, it's ticket to ride, so you cant go wrong.... unless you have had one or two to many drinks before hand.

And yep, of course I lost.

The telly so far, in the last few weeks since I started tracking our boardgames is 

Wife 13 
Me  2 

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