Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bad things happen

Yes, my Malifaux models finally arrived, unfortunately the rule book didn’t, but at least I can start to get them together and get ready for when the book arrives. (I found the pdf online, but you can only read so much from a PDF).

The really great surprise was getting an extra model free, I got two start boxes, The Guild – Perdita and The Neverborn – Lilith, when I opened one of the sealed  boxes to my surprise I had a one Nurse from the Resurrectionst as an extra.. oh what a shame Smile. If I end up liking the game and ecide to get more models, I guess I’ll be getting a Resurrectionst crew.

I’ve got most of them together already. The thing that really struck me as I cleaned them up, was how soft the metal composition is, really soft compared to Warmachine/Hordes models. There is some great fine detail on them, but how long they last will come down to how careful I am when in transit.. I guess time will tell.

boxes nursecard WIPCrews

I’m a little disappointed in the card decks, having got two, and they are identical other than the colour on the backs of the cards, I think they could have at least done some different pictures on the different packs. But not exactly a bank breaker.

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