Saturday, November 6, 2010

Scavengers of the Line

Played two games on Thursday night, both 35 points using my Iron Lich Lord Asphyxious – Scavenge of the Line – Tier 4 list. OMG… what fun it was.. spawning Scrap thralls left and right. I really enjoyed playing this list, even though I did lose both games.. only just. The ability to make lots of running bombs was just outright insane, especially with the dice rolling I was on, every time I needed to make some more, I was shined apon by the dice God…and frowned apon for the rest of the game. I played Circle first then Khador second, so the only differences in the lists were a Machine Wraith against Khador which I swapped in for Scrap thralls in the first game.

The Bile Thralls were just awesome, even though they cant hit a fish in a barrel, the Purge is just down right beautiful. It’s a simple tactic, get a couple up nice and close and purge, then “spray and walk away” with the rest. The Mecaninthralls I haven’t had to much success with yet, basically just using them as canon fodder and to tie things done for a turn. I ran my Bloat Thrall for the first time, it’s slow movement meant I my placement for him wasn’t the best if the first game, but the 5” AOE is rather nice and became effective in the second game with better placement. My biggest problem was not having an arch node in my lists, so that's a definite change for my next game.  But overall not a bad run, a little more tactical planning and I should be able to scrap out a few wins.


Probably the funniest thing to happen in a game since I started playing was the chain reaction, of my bloat thrall shot deviating, setting off a bunch of scrap thralls. Four in a row, killing one of my Necrotechs and not even scratching the Khador jack they  were all standing by.

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