Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blood Angels 2 – Tyranids 0

After a good 6 months break from playing 40K, I busted out the Tyrainds against Mike’s Blood Angels. We went all in for a 2500pt game. On that scale I used all my Nid’s and had to beef some of them up with extras, including using some of my space hulk genstealers for a extra unit. Talk about a blood bath. Turn 1 I got hammered, with only about half my force on the board, what was there got pretty slammed. I think I killed 2 marines in turn 1 versus about 18 nids. Turn 2 was pretty much the same thing repeated as Mike went first, although I did get my Trygon and Raveners tunnelling in from reserve. Turn 3 saw me turn the tide as the Tervigon spawned more little beasties and my Hive Tyrant decimated the Sanguinary Guard and Commander Dante, with a little help from the Tervigon. My Hive Guard then took out the Baal Predator, but to late to save my Genestealer from a fiery death. Blaar.. Blarr , Blarrr… I get all my troops killed, the Tervigon and the Hive Tyrant..then can’t hold any objectives. Game over end of turn 4.

Some of the stand out things were the Gargoyles finally making it into close combat (first time ever) although I’ve only played them about 4 times, then all dying in close combat. Both Carnifex’s getting toasted and yet again not getting close to any vehicles… one day it may happen….(

Those Blood Angel chicken tanks just keep running away.

I learnt a few things and remembered to write them down as I went, things like dropping the “Regeneration” ability as it’s just to costly and not worth it.

I remembered my camera this time and took some footage which I’ll put together over the next couple of days.

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