Sunday, January 23, 2011

Painting and Gaming Day

I got a couple of games yesterday afternoon, After a couple of hours painting. I rolled out Goreshade for the first time in the first game, just using a proxy model. Also got my Bane Thralls on the table which were extremely effective with Goreshades feat. I think the Bane Thralls will become a staple in my lists as they were rather good in my second game as well. I was up against Chris who was proxing a Menoth army. I now really hate continuous fire. I won both games, thanks to some super bad dice rolling by Chris in the second game.

game game3

Here’s a couple of shots of the boys playing Flames of War on the other table. Looks like I’ll be joining them with some Russians in the coming months.


Last night I finally got around to building a small shelf for my paints, It ended up being rather simple to make and works really well, nice and easy to see all the colours. So my painting space is now really well setup with the addition of my new lamp that I got for Christmas and the new shelf.

So now its time to get stuck into some painting.

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