Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Predator : Airbrush ambitions

Well I started to play with my new airbrush today after putting together my new Predator tank. I’ve magnetized the Predator as well, so it will be nice and easy to swap out the weapons and remove them during games when they get destroyed. I found several good You tube videos on how to magnetize the Predator. Which also gave me the idea of being able to pull off the parts and use it as a Rhino instead, which makes for a far more usable model. Since I don’t have a Space Marine army, I thought I'd do it in the Blood Angles colours so my brother can use it in his army.

I’m slowly getting the hang of the airbrush, it made a big difference once I turned down the pressure on the compressor. I’m using Tamiya paints with thinners. So far there haven’t been to many unexpected gremlins. The main one was the difference in colour change from wet to touch dry to dry. The red got a lot more intense once it was dry. Since I haven’t used Tamiya paints before or an airbrush, I’m guessing it’s just a learning curve.

Here’s the Predator so far, after a white base coat followed by Flat Red (XF-7) and then some Red (X-7). Along with a brown mix of several light colours.

Blood Angles Predator Blood Angles Predator Blood Angles Predator

I got some idea’s from some old White dwarf mag’s and the web, like this Predator below, thought I’d print off some cool pictures on the colour ink jet (nice and small). Then glue them onto the panels and spray blend them in. That’s the plan anyway, if it successful or not will be another story. Nothing like aiming high.


I’ve already tested using photo paper and then spraying a clear coat over the paper to test for the colour hold on the paper and also to make sure the image does bleed etc. So far using Matt photo paper has been the best.

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