Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Predator : Part 2

Predator4 Predator6

This whole project was about trying out new things, the Air brush to start with then anything else I could find to play around with. I spent the day painting, and trying out new things. First thing I tried out was the gloss finish over everything, then putting in the shadow lines with a thin mixture of paint, this worked really well with the paint running into the corners easily. Then the plan was to bring it back to a nice matt finish later on.

I haven’t used Decals since I was a kid, So I tried a couple of different ways of putting them on. It ended up that the first way I tried was the best, That was putting on the decal, then once dry, painting on Matt finish, then touching up the edges with red, then another layer of matt. Then after the coat of Mona Matt finish over the whole tank, the Skull decal came back nicely and lost it’s shine. The “5” on the other hand was a completely different story. I applied the Matt finish after the Mona coat, and with all that clear area showing it looks pretty bad, so a little bit of destruction and repair is on the cards. All part of the learning curve and fun.

Predator5 Predator7

I’m please with what I have learnt so far and it’s good enough to make the table for a game or two. Still lots to go on the model, the gun barrels and turrets etc as well as the insides.

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