Thursday, February 24, 2011

Game on

With this both Saturday and Sunday set for gaming, I’ve been busy finishing off some of my terrain for the 40k game on Sunday, the 6x9 table should be good for a my large Tyraind army to have some fun.



Also managed to get a bit more done on my Viking Stave Church now the plaster has dried nicely. I used a dermal tool and filed out the roof tiles after drawing them on with a pencil. Rather messy work and I got dust everywhere but the result was great. Just a shame my coats of plaster were a bit uneven, but I pretty happy with my first go using this method.

Looking forward to fielding my Vikings on Saturday.

On a more sombre note, I’m thankful that my family in Christchurch are all ok after the earthquake. Having walked those streets, driven those roads and spent time in Christchurch there is little you can say after seeing the devastation and destruction. My thoughts are with them.

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