Sunday, February 20, 2011

Viking Camp

Borgund_Stave_ChurchAfter looking around at what other people have done for Viking camps, I was looking at doing a classic Viking boat landing. I didn’t have to much luck finding a good scale model of a ship, so I started thinking of the Stave Church that I visited in Norway, It was a massive wooden structure which was really impressive up close with ornate carvings all over it.

Now trying to reproduce something like this is 15mm would be a bit insane, especially with the limited size of the camp for FOG being 80x120mm. So after thumbing though several books and found a good article in a Wargames Illustrated magazine on making an earl Irish church.(Issue 270 – April 2010). I went for a similar basic design as in the magazine, but made it more like a Stave Church.

I started out with 6 of my bases for Calvary 40x40, glued them to a thin bit a plastic card so it would keep the height the same as the rest of my bases in the army, and of course make a very nice 80x120mm rectangle base for the camp. I then just used some balsa wood and cut that up to shape. After that I ran over it that with a black undercoat, and then covered it with a thin layer of Selly’s Pre-mix plaster.

Once that’s dry fully in a day or so I’ll take the Dremal to it and carve out the wooden roof tiles etc

Vikings Stave Church Vikings Stave Church Vikings Stave Church

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