Monday, April 25, 2011

Battletech – First Hitout

BattletechWith Mark’s Battletech Box turning up last week,  we cranked out our first game on Saturday.  Six of us taking one mech each and teaming up into three teams running a total of 75 tons per team.

The table layout was pretty simple, a wood,  couple of buildings, a hill and a lake. After a bit of fussing around to begin with since we forgot to print of the stat sheets we got under way.


Mark and Me run up the guts to get into range, Jason and Lee take up position on the hill, while Chris and Dan take a swim in the lake to avoid the long range weapons.


Mark charges up the middle towards the hill while taking obscene amounts of damage, as I head across to the lake to flush out the submerged mechs. This ends up with Chris and Dan pounding on every part of me, but nothing critical. Then  a few turns later I take out Dan’s mech as he kill’s me with a brutal head shot in the same turn.


While I duke it out with Chris and Dan, Jason and Lee continue to obliterate Mark’s armour and finally cause him to fall over. At which point Mark spends a couple of turns spinning around on the ground trying to get back up, all the while taking a beating from Jason and Lee.

With Dan and me out of the game, and Mark pretty much crippled. Jason slings out a long range shot which lands straight in the cockpit of Chris’s undamaged mech ending the  game.

Overall, the game was great  fun and I enjoyed it, a little slow. But that’s expected for our first game and it wasn’t helped with not having the stat sheets organised to start with. We didn’t use any of the heat rules in the game to keep things simple so we could focus on getting to grips with the basic rules. The next few games will be alot faster once I laminate the stat sheets so we can use whiteboard markers on them. The box set is well worth the money, cant wait till mine arrives so I can get stuck and get some of them painted up.

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