Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mech Warrior revival

imageWith the upcoming Battletech resurgence I’ve got back into playing Mech Warrior 4. After playing for a couple of days from the keyboard, I was going a little insane, My keyboard skills suck and that's an understatement of the decade. So I splashed out and got myself a joystick. I had a look at a few around in the shops and read up on some reviews, I ended up going with the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. Nothing to fancy, pretty much middle of the road kind of thing since I don’t play to many PC games.

So after an hour getting the damn thing setup thanks to driver issues on my computer. I got some games in. It is so much smoother to play with a joystick, and a load more fun. I haven’t played with programing any of the extra buttons yet, but I think that will help alot with some of the other functions, like auto centre the torso on the Mech. As far as a joystick goes it’s all thumbs up for this one, although I’m comparing it to a keyboard. The base is nice and stable and the twist mechanism is really well suited to Mech Warrior. After a couple of hours of  play, my shoulder was a little sore, but that was more because of my sitting position. So loads more Mech Warrior on the cards for me in the coming weeks.

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