Friday, August 24, 2012

Shroud Mages

After burning my hand badly on a pot last night while cooking dinner, I never got to do much, other than watch some of the Fades series on TV which I had downloaded. Also watched the final episode of Falling Skies series two, which I’ve been enjoying. A superb TV series if your into alien bugs and Sci-Fi.

Uncharted Seas Shroud Mages

Thankfully when this morning came around and my fingers had calmed down and I have been able to do some painting, having taken the day off work. So I got stuck into my Shroud Mage Fleet for Uncharted Seas.

Uncharted Seas Shroud Mages

I managed to get quite a lot done so far, cleaned the entire fleet, primed, and done the first heavy dry brush of metallic metals on all the models.  I’ve almost completed the Frigates and two Adept Destroyers from the start box.

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