Monday, November 19, 2012

Carcassonne Crazy

carcassonne_boxThe first step of my evil plan has been accomplished. Two days after getting the base game, we have completed 10 games. We now also have an expansion to the base game. We found the Trader and Builders expansion in a toy store when looking for Christmas presents and it just happened to end up in the shopping basket.







The wife is so hooked she’s even got the scoring app on her mobile phone.

We have only been playing two players, so it will be very interesting to see what the game plays like with more players. The base game is pretty straight forward. The expansion really adds some depth to the game and I enjoyed it a lot more. So I foresee several of the other expansions turning up at home very soon or at least at Christmas.

So now I’m planning stage two of my evil plan which is to introduce my wife to something a little more complicated in the gaming stakes. With Ticket to Ride now on the Christmas list, after some suggestions (Thanks DFlynSqrl) and a really well presented YouTube video I found online. It was an easy sell being that she's a Viking and there is a Nordic version.


I’m currently thinking of something like “Small Worlds” as the next step. Not to sure about it or not, and if its a too bigger step. So some more internet searching for the next few days.

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