Monday, November 5, 2012


Field of Glory
So with no gaming this weekend, I tried to get back into painting after what seems like months of not lifting a bush. In fact it's only been a couple of weeks.

With the Battle Cry tournament registration opening for early next year I thought I'd get my Field of Glory Egyptians out and see if I can get them to a usable point. Im still undecided on what to use and if it will be FOG or maybe X-Wing (if that ever happens).

Either way, I'm pretty sure ill be going along for what most certainly will be another bashing. The Gipo's are pretty soft as an army, and I've not played them enough to get the real hang of them yet. If it get a few more games in with them I'm hoping ill be strong enough to win one game if I use them. Nothing like aiming high :-)

So after painting up the base coat on the bases, they already look 100% better as an overall army. I've now got some heavy foot troops to clean and base which will give the army a few teeth instead of just throwing sticks at the enemies.

I'm still struggling with blogging from the iPad. I guess I'm a little pedantic in the way I want things to look. There are just so many weird things that Apple and iPad don't do. I mean what's with no bloody image names, you edit a photo, shrink it down ready to use for your blog then piss about guessing which one is the edited version. ... Rant rant rant.. The iPad has so much potential but it just seems to be neutered in the weirdest of places.
Field of Glory

I have managed to find a great little app for editing the photo's and resizing them down nicely. It's called Photogene, I started with the basic version and that works well, but you don't get much control over the size of the images when exporting. I just upgraded it to the pro version and that works a treat, with a nice slider bar on the compression ratio of exported JPG's. And its got some nice quick simple edit functions to crops and adjust levels and colours etc. It's perfect for what I wanted to be able to do for blog photos. Now if only I can find a good app to blog with.

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