Friday, November 16, 2012

Speculo Killer

I ended up getting some more painting time in today, with a little bit more work done on my FOG Egyptians. But I felt like trying out my new brush on something a little larger than 15mm figs. I bought a Winsor and Newton Gallera brush to try out when I was in the art store the other day.  So I started working on my Speculo Killer. So far I'm more impressed with the brush than my colour scheme, but its only my fist base coat so I never know what I'll change until I do it. The brush is really nice, holds water and paint well, the best thing so far is the smooth flex of the brush. Which suits my painting style incredibly well, so I'm going to endeavour to try and look after this brush. I'm usually really bad at taking care of my brushes.

On another note, my mission to use my iPad for blogging ( and other real work things) is taking a turn for the better, having got my apps sorted for editing photos. And spent a bit of time learning how to use them helped a lot. Now I'm just getting use to my latest app purchase for actually composing my posts. (Blog Docs) so far it's working we'll enough for means I try out all sorts of settings and options.

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