Saturday, August 12, 2017

American War of Independence

Wow, its been a long time since I last posted. How time fly’s.
Today was the Monthly South Auckland Club meeting.

So after many months of planning, we finally got around to playing a game of American War of Independence (AWI). The instigator of yet another game, so many months ago, one Mr Hazell ended up having to work today, so missed out. But thankfully we had had enough to field both sides and make up a good size table of 6 x 12 foot.

Glen and Saul had the British command, with Bryan, Cavan and myself fielded the American independence forces. Saul had come up with a planned scenario and kept the rules nice and simple for us.

One side would be defenders of two camps on the table, while the attackers entered the table at one of six locations. One at each short table edge and two on each of the long edge.

The British troops all had the elite rule, while the Continentals all had the wavering rule, and all the skirmishers for the Continentals also had the sharpshooter rule. The elite British troops we outnumbered by the lesser trained Continental troops, so that should balance out the sides.

Saul and Bryan rolled off as generals to see who would be attacker or defender. Bryan wining, we chose to be attackers.

The camps were deployed and Cavan rolled to see where he would come on and ended up with position 1, I then rolled after Saul deployed the first of his troops defending the first camp and came on at position 2.Glen then placed his British around the second camp in a square type defense as he had no idea where Bryan’s troops would enter from. Bryan then rolled up position 3 coming in beside my troops.

This overall table shot was from about half way through the game. 

The game then got underway with the Continentals moving onto the table and spreading out. Cavan got in a couple of canon shots into the Scots dealing damage, and halting them. My Indian skirmishers got stuck in to some of the British skirmishers that got to close.

From there things swung back and forth with Bryan's one unit of Cavalry breaching through the British lines and streaking along in behind them, mean while Glen held his positions.

Saul pushed forward taking the house and positioning around it.

With Cavan and myself pushing two directions into Saul's British that had come forward we soon dealt out some serious damage

My Indian unit were the heroes for the Continental's scalping everything the came into contact with.
(Awesome paint job by Saul)

Just after lunch Cavan and I had whittled down Saul's units breaking the British and wining the game.
Since it was still early we decided to continue on, with each side bring on reinforcements. So Cavan and Bryan bough back on a unit each (i think) while Saul bought back on about four units as his surviving ones retreated.

My Indians continued to be hero's scalping another unit and I finally managed to roll some decent command rolls and move all my troops across the table as did Bryan and Cavan bringing the British to there knees.

So a convincing victory for the American Continentals.

Great game and great fun. (its always great fun when you win ) The wavering rule for our troops wasn't as much of a hamstring as we expected it to be, but overall I think it worked quite well. Saul's fast advance I think undid him in the start and he couldn't recover.

Looking forward to another game in the near future.

While all that was going on Kevin and Jason played a few games of Saga, in between arguing over rules. I think they managed to get two games played in the end. More discussions over rules than actual play I think..all well mannered of course :-) 

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