19 March 2017

March Madness

After a hellish busy week at the office, I find a package arrive for me at home today. Finally my new airbrush turned up weeks after ordering it. Ordered off Ali Express so the time factor was expected, for the whopping cost of $50, about a 1/6th of the price of buying in here locally.  So I now have a dual airbrush setup, so the weekend is looking like a painting mission for sure.

Game wise, the plan is for more Hail Caesar in the coming weeks as I try and finish off some more Greeks, and the local supplier had a sale, so of course I caved in and started another army. I've always want to do a full on Knight army. So I purchased a bunch of boxes (on sale) from Fire Forge. The Teutonic Knights. I'm trying to keep them in there boxes until I complete my Greeks. Which is a seriously challenge. So far I've almost finished one more unit of Greeks.

I've also now got the L'Art De La Guerre rules to read through as a replacement for our 15mm FOG gaming. This might be on the back burner for awhile.

Also on the photography side of things I managed to get my camera fixed after a bit of a disaster. And I've still got 3000 odd photos to sort through from a few weeks back when I went to the 80th Anniversary Air Tattoo for the New Zealand Air Force. I have put together two videos from the trip so far, which I'm rather pleased with.

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