22 July 2012

Firestorm Armada 2.0

Well after a good month off from most things gaming I rolled out three games of the latest version of Firestorm Armada today. After skim reading the new hard cover rule book (which I must say is just awesome) the changes we have come across in play are all pretty much well accepted. The major change for me was the mines. (Being a Aquan player) They changed to what exactly our group had been talking about since we started playing FA, and we had even played a couple of games with these rules to test them out. Even though I didn't play my Aquans today, I’m still very happy with the changes.

We played starter pack games to keep things fast and simple, I used the Relthoza in all three games. The fleet of Relthoza is only half painted, I’m very pleased with the look so far, although a little disappointed in the inking stage that has washed out alot of the underlying layering I did on the cruisers.

The first game was a cracker, against Phil’s Sorylian’s. I really managed to blast Phil’s ships to bits, but it came down to a very close finish, with Phil obtaining his primary objective with only two ships left on the table, and I missed mine primary objective, so a win to Phil.

Firestorm 001Firestorm 002Firestorm 004Firestorm 005Firestorm 007Firestorm 008Firestorm 009Firestorm 011

Game two I played Mark and his Directorate in a one side slugfest, as my die were on fire. I only lost three ships in total from memory with a pretty one sided win to me.

Firestorm 013Firestorm 014Firestorm 015Firestorm 016Firestorm 017Firestorm 018Firestorm 019Firestorm 020

Game three was an exact replica of game two, but this time Mark smashed me to bits after I failed to hit anything. I also made a few mistakes in not reading my card fully, not that would have saved me anyway.

Firestorm 021Firestorm 022Firestorm 023Firestorm 024Firestorm 025Firestorm 026Firestorm 027Firestorm 029Firestorm 030Firestorm 031

A great day gaming and the new rules are have been a good change.

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