05 March 2014

Melbourne 2014 – Point Cook Air Show

So our journey begins last Thursday with a long trip to the airport at 3am. With the motorway closed and detours in place. Followed by the check in system crashing while we were checking in, this made the waiting after we got through security short, or it felt short anyway. On the flight over I ended up beside a Chinese man that I can only describe as a skunk , he emitted a stench that was seriously offensive , I mean really bad body odor. I was grateful to get off the plane and into fresh air.

From there the day got a lot better with a quick trip into town on the Sky Bus and onto our Hotel, which had our room ready when we got there at about 9.30 am. After a nice lunch on Lygon street we hit the streets at a blistering pace. Yep, blisters is what I got by the end of the night. We covered a lot of the streets searching out the allies with the graffiti art in them. Thanks to Will's research he had most of them mapped out and they weren't too hard to find.

Meet and talked to a couple of the artists while they were doing there thing. There was some pretty amazing artwork about which kept evolving even in the four days we were there.

AD/DC Lane

Caught tram up to the Shrine of Remembrance which was impressive in scale, and then did a short walk in the botanical gardens but we weren't in the mood for getting fried as it was getting to hot out in the open.

Shrine of Remembrance
Shrine of Remembrance

Shrine of Remembrance

Stopped in at a watering hole for a drink, then onto more walking about and shooting street scenes, dinner then back to hotel to crash. A very fun but long day one.

a bit of fun playing around with Lightroom effects. 

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