22 October 2014

Invisible man

This month has turned into the invisible man and just disappeared on me. I haven't had much time to play games or even blog over the past few weeks. With the weather getting nicer and the photographer in me wanting to get out more. Then pile on work and this month has just vanished.

This year I decided I get around to making another calendar for Christmas presents since it was way back in 2007 when I did my last one. So trolling through some photos I found this little gem.. or big scary gem, 2+ meter Cassowary that we meet face to face in the wild up in Carin's Australia a few years back. Definitely a contender for my wild life based wall calendar.

Back to gaming, I did get a Bolt action game in on Sunday with Phil. My Japanese up against his Americans. So a nice traditional fight at 1000 points per side. I did a last minute change to my list, so I could get on my new tank and tankette (only half painted). Phil had also managed to get a bunch of his guys painted up as well.

We rolled off and got the “envelopment” scenario and Phil won the side selection and chose the Defender. Phil setup a nice desert wasteland board and things got under way.

Turn by turn I moved across the board slowly on my right flank where I thought I’d have the best chance of getting off the other side (my objective), The dice rolling was pretty even on both sides, but Phil did fail a lot of morale checks which helped me no end.

I was only picking off a few models from each of Phil's units and was finding it hard to kill off whole squads, but at the same time I was making good progress across the board.

In the last turn it was a mad dash for the board edge as I ran my Tankette and a suicide bomber off the board to get victory points, unfortunately my Tank morale failed me and it just sat there as a big fat target. Looking at the board at the end of turn six and we didn't have a clue on who had won, it seemed so even. With the American’s inflicting quite a lot of damage on me, but I managed to get a couple of units off the board. Which ended up winning me the game on a 10-14 points victory. I was actually a bit surprised on the win. It would have been a loss if I had lost two more units, which I was very close to losing with only two guys left in one unit and also have three other single man units on the board.

It was a great game and alot of fun. I think with less buildings on the table (or none in this game) will help with future games.

Now onto the wonderful and bizarre world that is Random YouTube Videos.Wonder if Mozart would have ever dreamed of this show to match with his music.