23 December 2014

Missing in Action

Yep, I’ve been missing in action for a few weeks now. With finishing up work for the year and the big distraction of a new camera lens, blogging has taken a back seat. So what have I actually managed to get done in two weeks.

Well game wise, my Japanese kicked some more American butt in a game of Bolt Action on Sunday. I took huge casualties but easily won on victory points for the mission. I managed to keep my focus on the mission and not worry too much about what Phil was trying to do with his out flanking manoeuvres. Then we got in a few games of King of Tokyo which is always a good laugh. I also got my butt kicked by Kevin at the South Auckland gaming club the week before. We busted out FOG and my poor Vikings took a right Royal walloping.

Mainly I’ve been working on my new photo web site and taking photos. But I have been chipping away at my Greeks for Hail Caesar. So I’ve now finished putting together the box of Victrix models so that means I’ve now got 5 units put together which is half my 300 point army. So 94 models built so far … only 50 fully painted. Which I’m pleased with my progress, and I’ve now got my painting schemes all sorted and really enjoying painting the Greeks.

Today was my last work day, which was dead slow, so I managed to put together my army list. Currently working on the Hoplite Greek list and depending on how far I get through the painting and how often we play I may add a few other units so I can run some other lists. At 181 models I’m not counting on going to crazy … not yet anyway.