17 March 2015

Hail of Arrows

South Auckland Gaming day for March bought in our first games of Hail Cesar.
So the guys all turned up on Saturday and pulled out the various armies for inspection and the oh aarh factor. They were in states of unpainted models on bases to fully painted armies. John had a fully painted army as did Glen, and Bryan s army almost fully completed looked really nice with his colour selection.

With eight of us there today we got four tables going, which is really awesome. That means we will be able to get in a few more clubs days playing different armies every time.

My first opponent was the master dice rolling king himself, Kamikaze Kavin and his Samurai army. With each of us with two divisions it was going be interesting.

So the first couple of rounds was all about me getting shot up. With no surprise, Kavin was making hit after hit, and I was failing my saves. So by the time I made it into hand to hand I was already well on my way to breaking.

We had fun with mixing up all the rules, so I think we played a few rules from FOG and some Pike and Shotte rules, but slowly worked them all out over the course of the game.
The Samurai are pretty hard with there shooting and  hand to hand, so I slowly but surely got wiped out as Kavin played it well to his armies strengths.

The second game was up against John with a English type list (cant recall exactly what they were) … lots and lots of Bow and two handed weapons.

So with no other choice I ran across the table as fast as I could otherwise I’d die in a hail of arrows. This time I managed to make a bunch of my saves going in, and managed to destroy one unit of archers really quickly. I then ran into some hard hitting two handed weapons and started dying quickly. I soon discovered that support can really help, and going into larger numbers isn't the best idea.

Then a friend of mine turned up… Snake Eye’s and his mate Number 2, the slaughter began… and ended quickly after that. John broke my army completely for a good win.

So two good games in and some rules learnt. Since then I’ve read the rules a bit more and worked out some rules that I didn't know about that would have saved my butt from a complete whipping. I’m re-gigging my list and adding in some more units by dropping my really tough guys.

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