19 May 2015

The Judge is in the House

Whaooo….my birthday present to myself turned up today. The starter box for Judge Dredd. I was nicely surprised to see that it actually came in a nice large box, I had thought it was just the advertising image. So thumbs up for the box,it will make a nice transport for the models and it also has a nice tray to hold the rule book.

2015-05-19 18.26.30  

The book and starter pamphlet is on the top compartment, with the models in boxes below. Add some foam to the base and the transport box will be sweet..

2015-05-19 18.26.54 2015-05-19 18.27.07

The rule book is a nice, well bound hard back. With some nice artwork and lots of cool inspiration for painting models. There are lots of shots of painted figures in the book, but you cant go past the comics for real inspiration

The actual models are the usual standard from Warlord, nice one piece models, all metal so no crazy building and gluing on arms etc. They will also be great for some other games.

I think my Bolt Action Russians may end up taking a back seat for awhile.

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