23 January 2017


Oh yes ... I'm weak ... just like the Ghar from Gates of Antares.

After 4 full games now, I'm pretty hooked on Gates of Antares. Having a major break for gaming last year was a good thing. My enthusiasm is back and I've been really enjoying modeling and painting again. With almost 1000 points fully painted already. My painting skills aren't great and are very rusty, but I enjoying it and that's what counts.

My Ghar army has grown quickly in the month and a few Boromites turned up at my door step as well....Gotta hate that (NOT)

Sunday saw me crash Mark and his Concord in our first scenario game, and then I got mauled by Faizal with his brand new Boromite force which only turned up a few days before ( hence the shinny sliver look)

Both fun games, and the rules are sinking slowly into the brain.I'm now looking at changing up my list and trying something other than the Brick to the Face tactic which I love.

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