06 May 2021

TIE Interceptor

With my 3D printer really preforming well lately I'm still bashing out more terrain, this time a TIE Interceptor. I'm going to have to find time to edit the landing pad that I printed for the standard TIE fighter so I can have one to accommodate the Interceptor.

Star Wars Legion TIE Interceptor

Meanwhile I got myself an early birthday present. A nice table saw, so making my spray booth is going to be so much easier. I'll actually be able to get straight cut edges. Even better, the building of a new house next door is tossing alot of plywood off cuts, so I'm gathering a good amount of free materials for future projects.  

on the home front , I finally got around to putting the letter box in place over the weekend. So far its settled in nicely and hasn't moved. Due to the fact that the main service lines go right under it I haven't concreated it in. Pegged in place and screwed in tight.  Next mission is gonna be the driveway garden ... next summer perhaps.

Now onto planning the Droid list for Saturdays Club day.

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