07 November 2021

Resin Printer Fume Box / Cabinet Project completion.

 Spent most of the day yesterday designing and building the window bracket to secure the window and hold the extraction fan vent. After measuring it it twice, I then did up a cardboard mockup to make sure I hadn't overlooked anything. Then spent the afternoon cutting up and building it out of 8mm plywood. Had to make a few adjustments as I went but nothing major. The end result has worked out really well, with the window locked and secure, about 160mm open at the bottom. Then the vent mounted facing down so no rain will get into it and the sides of the opening also covered and secure. So the fume cabinet project is now complete. 

window vent

The project aim was simply to have a cabinet to contain the smell of the resin and push it outside. Well that turned into a we bit more of a project than I planed, but what else can one do in lockdown.

The end result
18mm Plywood cabinet with external hinged doors for easy access
Intake Fan with on/off switch
3D printed intake vent cover
3D printer power cable cover
LED internal cabinet lighting with on/off switch
Extraction Fan with on/off switch and variable speed fan controller
3D designed and printed extraction tube mounting bracket
8mm Plywood window bracket
Full ducted from cabinet to window

Must say I'm pretty stoked with the outcome.

Hot of the printer last night was this big guy for my Snake Army. It's the Maneater Skullnaga which I got the file from Artian Guild. They make some awesome models which you can find at 

Artisan Guild is creating Excellent 3d Printable Miniatures for your games! | Patreon

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