Saturday, October 23, 2010

Highborn Covenant vs Cryx

Well the training session has gone well, I played my unpainted Merc’s for the first time, and taught Mike on the basics of WarMachine with him using my Cryx. Talk about a complete mind meltdown, teaching some to play along with taking a completely new fraction for the first time. (Not my most brilliant idea) but it was alot of fun. And it highlighted some of the rules that I really need to brush up on and cement in the brain.  It also meant that I was on the receiving end of the Cryx nastiness. Bile Thrall purge mania …. not pleasant.  Basically I lost all my troops to the purge. Then got a full focused  Slayer in the face when I failed to dent Asphyxious. Hence I was toasted about round 4. Then we ran through a half game of Cryx Vs. Legion so Mike could see how fury worked and I could get a few fun things in like throwing.

We played on my new table top, which was great, no dice running off all over the place. Laying down the grass cloth and my terrain made for a pretty good looking table. Lots more practice with my Merc’s in store for me, but I guess that the problem when your a Fraction Whore like me Smile.

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