Saturday, October 30, 2010

Machine Wraith

Cryx Machine Wraith

Here’s my first Machine Wraith, done in under an hour (2x 30 minutes). I tried to do a light source off to the upper left when looking at him. It worked ok with the colours but I choose the wrong angel, so overall he is passable for table top and was a good learn curve. The next one I’ll try keeping the light source at a higher angel making it a bit simpler. A lot more practise to come.


Cryx Machine wraith



Additional Materials

MiniNatur Silfor grass – Early Fall  (around the base)


Dulux Flat Black Spray Black Primer

Body – Light side

GW – Chain Mail – heavy dry brush
Vallejo – Brass – Thinner mixed 1/1
GW – Mithril Silver – Dry brush highlights

Body – Dark Side

GW – Gunbolt Metal
Vallejo – Copper – Thinner mixed 1/1
GW – Delvan Mud Wash

Cloth on Arms – Light Sides

Vallejo – Pale Grey Blue
GW – Babad Black Wash – water thinned to 1/4
Vallejo – Pale Grey Blue – highlights

Cloth on Arms – Dark Sides

Vallejo – Medium Sea Grey
GW – Babad Black Wash – water thinned to 1/2
Vallejo – Medium Sea Grey – highlights

Cryx Green Glow

GW – Yellow Ink  + Thraka Green Wash - mixed 1/2

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