24 October 2012

Capital Offensive

Ok, so I'm over my brain fart, and now back to what I was going to doing last night.

With a bit of a board game theme to Sundays game day. We started off with a new game that Phil turned up with called Capital Offensive. It's like an old style video game with the object to Frag (kill)as many of your opponents as possible. With your characters respawning once they die in the next turn. It's a really fun game, light and fast. Apparently it's based on a comic book.

Then Mark and I busted out a game of X-Wing at 100 points. I played the rebels with 3 X-Wings and one Y-Wing and Mark had a mix of 5 Tie fighters. It started badly for me and continued that way, with the dice gods laughing at me (So just another normal day). I couldn't hit an asteroid if I flew into it. I did get the prise of killing Darth Vader though.

I can't believe how much fun this game is, I love the manoeuvre mechanic with the dials, already ordered a few more ships and can't wait to see the new ones coming out.

Then to round off the day we played Spartacus. With five of us there, I teamed up Garth since he had played it once before, for a 4 way game. It's a rather well done back stabbing game, I'd need to play it a few more times to really be able to comment on it fully. But after once through the game, I'd easly say it would be money well spent. And if you have some gladiator miniatures about they can really make the game look the part (and of course Mark's gladiators looked the part)

Side note for the geeks:

I've done this whole post from my new ipad, using an app called Blogsy. Setting it up and using it was a breeze. Typing up the text and fonts etc is easy, but when it comes to dealing with pictures.. OMFG .. What an arse. I've found another app called Photogene to edit the pictures and shrink them down which works really well and has some good options on exporting images ready to use for the bog. But trying to do any type of layout in Blogsy is an episode in hair pulling frustration. Off to go look for an app that can actually do a page layout without inspiring suicidal compulsions.


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