28 December 2012

Heavy Tanks Rock

The fist day of holiday gaming was a pretty laid back affair. I pulled out Elder Signs, and we played a 6 player game. Which changes the dynamics quite a bit, in a good way from the one and two player games that I had played. We picked up a couple of things I was doing wrong in the first few games, one which made the game harder, and the other made it easier. Either way the game is still brutal.

We then played a four player game of Dominion. I don't think the game changed to much between playing 2 players and 4 players. But I think it would play better with more options that mess with other players, especially with the guys.

Then Will and I pulled out a 300 point game of Dust Warfare. We were both rather rusty on the rules, but think we got most of them right. My IS-5 Heavy tank is a beast, especially when I'm actually rolling well. I know we both missed out on some of the extra character rules. The game started with Will having 12 squads (I think) to my 9, so I thought I'd be in for another walloping. But as it happened I destroyed his light walker in one go from my IS-5 and things just rolled from there. I won only just in the end.