18 June 2013

Flames of War


So the lads played a huge game of Flames of War on Sunday, 4000pts a side on a 12 x 4 foot table. Russian vs Germans. I was only there for the start but snapped off some pic’s.


Flames-of-War-016Flames-of-War-017 Flames-of-War-018Flames-of-War-020

It sure did look awesome, full table, everything painted, lots and lots and lots of tanks everywhere.

Flames-of-War-021Flames-of-War-022 Flames-of-War-023Flames-of-War-024 Flames-of-War-025Flames-of-War-026 Flames-of-War-027Flames-of-War-028 Flames-of-War-029Flames-of-War-030 Flames-of-War-031Flames-of-War-032 Flames-of-War-033Flames-of-War-036 Flames-of-War-037Flames-of-War-038