24 June 2013

W.I.P. Building Mob Wars

So having had a quite weekend at home, got to play some Catan games with the wife after she bough the Barbarian and Trades expansion. Besides that I got a good bit of work done on my Sarissa buildings for Mob Wars. The building I’m going to use as the bank is almost finished now finished. Along with some more roads and interior furniture.

Here’s a photo of my masking madness in preparation for the white lines on my roads. I’m sure there is an easier way, still it was fun.


The result turned out ok, but I’ve come to the conclusion to spend the extra bit of coin when buying masking tape. The Tamiya stuff is so….. much better than the other brands I used.


Here’s the bank so far, with some of the safety deposit boxes I started working on as well. Yet to start on the Vault door , but the scale works sweet, and should may for a great bank robbery scenario.

2013-06-23-21.56.34 2013-06-23-21.56.50 2013-06-23-21.57.08  2013-06-23-21.59.27

Slapped some paint on the bed I made which worked out rather welI I though, needs some better highlighting and a touch up which I just noticed. Cost and time input to make the bed versus the outcome is pretty darn good, about $2 of materials I say, and that’s being generous.

2013-06-23-22.00.13 2013-06-23-22.00.44