29 September 2013

Summer Dust

So today was my first game day in a few weeks after getting back from my holiday, and also day light savings time change (Summer is hear finally). So my day started all wrong as I forgot to reset my alarm clock. Then rushed around left home, only to have to return as I forgot to take my anti malaria tablets. Having been in Indonesian and high risk areas for malaria on holiday. There was no way I was going to miss taken the tablets, four weeks or taking them once you leave the zone, so I’m down to three more weeks of tablets. hooo hummm not the best start to the day.

Anyway, we ended up busting out Dust, my SSU up against Will’s Axis. A small 200 point game, where I tried out my Red Fury for the first time.

I started well, which was helped by my dice rolling and a little overlooked rule which I meant I was cheating a bit. You get that with the brain still half asleep and not play the game that regally.

Game-Day-002 Game-Day-003 

But in the end I just couldn’t break through the armour of the Axis walker, so surrendered before I got completely wiped out.


So another loss to the Axis, maybe with the up and coming SSU releases I’ll fair a bit better once I get some type 3 units. I hardly took any photos… my brain really wasn't ion gear today.