21 April 2014

Easter surprise

At the start of the year I said I wasn't going to start any more miniature games, well, I haven't so far. (Now that's a surprise) Yes that's right, I’ve ended up playing other games using other peoples models, and acquiring a few more rule books. But I actually haven't started with miniatures from other games. I’ve managed to hold out, using stuff from my existing collection or borrow models.  I’ve also made a good dent in the mountain of metal I already have, having started on my Samurai army for FOGR and well into all those Flames of War Russians I have. Things are ticking over nicely.

So my main focus in the past few weeks has been Japanese based, with the Samurai army and putting together terrain for Ronin, Bushido and Malifaux. My 4Ground Shogunate buildings turned up the other day. They are absolutely fabulous, but extremely time consuming to put together.

My cork tile method is working a treat, and the table is starting to take shape nicely. The next big challenge is to figure out how to best do the water for the rice paddy’s. I’m going to try three different methods, the first being mixing in paint to some Kleer Resin. Which I've just pored into my first tile. (super strong smelly stuff) It looks good so far, but unsure how it will dry, fingers crossed it wont rain, as It's sitting outside so I don't stink out the house. I missed a spot when sealing the base, so had to use a bit of tape to plug the whole....resin leaking all over the place.

Yesterday I watched Lee and Paul play a game of Saga and also a little bit of Mark and Phil play a game of Drop Zone Commander. Here’s a few pic of the games.

After that I got in a game of Kings of War with Mark. A fun game which I can use all my old models. Went right down to the wire, before I lost out to the last few Goblins.