03 April 2014

Slow going

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, the usual work and life getting in the way. Thanks to a few stitches in my shoulder and now a full on head cold. There was no gaming for me this past weekend. But things are starting to clear and I’ve been slowly, ever so slowly, chipping away at various projects of the last few weeks and have made some good ground in several of them.

Well first up I purchased myself a new set of dice, after the horrific performance of my current set, I just needed a change. Now of course a few days later, I find a bag of dice under my painting table.. typical… LOL… you can never have to many dice.

The first two projects I finished last week were completing my Tank Killer Company and Heavy Assault Company for my Russian FOW army. So ten new tanks to add to the massive force I have managed to acquire. (Soooo many infantry to go.)  I’ve now finished cutting down all the bases of Russian Infantry that I got given, and glued them all onto the correct size bases. Along with plastering up the edges of some 80 bases I still have about another 40 to go.  Then onto the task of painting and re-grassing the bases.

I’m also finished my first battle group of 15mm Samurai Warriors for Field of Glory Renaissance. A project that’s been a long time coming and it’s finally made it to the painting table. It will be a long time before it makes the gaming table but it has got my painting back underway.

There is also the SSU Steel Guard for Dust Warfare. All base coated, toned and ready for some inking and detail work.

Spent a bit of time working on some terrain for Ronin and Bushido today. We could also use the terrain for Malifaux as well I guess, for something a little different for the likes of Mark’s Ten Thunders gang. With what little energy I had I managed to get alot done. Finished the Japanese garden idea I’ve had for a very long time. I’m well underway with the crops and a couple of other tiles. I’m basing them up on some 1x1 foot cork tiles, each with a feature on them. The idea is we can then easily move them around and change the setup. I’m looking at doing a couple tiles of crops, some rice paddy’s,  fish pond, garden and a temple or shrine. Add to that some building that I’ll get very soon and we should have quite a good little setup for some Japanese based games.

WIP: Japanese style garden

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