04 June 2014

Ardmore D-Day 70th Anniversary

So on Sunday the boys went out as usual to Ardmore to see the air show. It turned out to be a fantastically fine day. But for photography it was a pretty hard day to shoot. the hard lighting conditions made for sharp shadows and bright highlights.
I knew it would be difficult, so I spent a lot of time messing around with my camera settings and trying out new things…. the result was 3500 shots… most of which are ordinary to poor. Some good ones, but I’ve managed to get better ones over the past few years. So photography it wasn't that much of a success, but it’s always fun to see the birds in the sky and for $15 entry for a days entertainment, you cant go wrong.

So I’ve been playing around with adjusting some of the shots, trying not to do to much and cook the photos with too many adjustments. This is the sort of comparison of what I've changed, so not a lot.


Basically I enjoy being out shooting, and don't really enjoy playing with photos..guess that comes from being old school. Yes I know what  Film is, and I use to developed my own and print my own shots way back in time ..“shoot it in the can” as they use to say.

Something a little different was a large group of bikers going flat tack down the runway, they sure looked like they were enjoying the ride ... no speed limits.