29 June 2014

Russian Invasion

Yesterday I got in my first game using my new Japanese army for bolt action. I ran a random group of squads of 1000pts at Kevin's Russian horde. My idea was just to get a feel for the rules and what each squad does and how to use them, so I could then build a better list for the next club day.

 It started out really well for me as my sniper kept killing NCO's and my MMG was flinging out death rather well. But the numbers of Russian began to take its toll. Then by turn four we were into buildings and close combat. With my lack of numbers and facing SMG's, it was my doom. In the end of turn 5 my sole surviving sniper surrendered.

It was a really fun game and I picked up a lot on how to use my Jap's. Marks new Sarrissa buildings are already starting to look awesome on the table and he hasn't finished them yet.

After that I joined Kevin with his Russian horde and took on Jason and Mark running there British. All 1600 points of them. Since I have a bunch of Russians to build and paint it was a good learning curve for me as well. I learnt that Gurkha's are just down right evil. I watched them butcher a squad of Russians without breaking a sweat. Also learnt that I quite like BBQ machines... A.k.A. Vehicle flame throwers.  We lost track of time with such a large game, and by the end of turn 3 we ran out of time so had to call the game. It was still pretty close but I think the Russian were ahead on points.

All in all a great day and lots learnt, looking forward to club day and some more games.

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