27 November 2015

Buy more ... Live Forever

Ok, so I've been super slack at blogging this year, and "Maestro Mark Hazell" is outdoing me, which isn't difficult at the moment. So I'm going to endeavour to get back into the blogging side of things again as of today.

So with the Black Friday sales going nuts, and our local supplier "Mighty Ape" having an awesome sale on wargames factory models, I dropped a touch of cash on a small horde , some 238 models which came out at a whopping $0.68 per model, damn impossible to pass on those sort of deals.

So I now have a bunch of Viking Huscarls and Bondi to start a SAGA army with, a game I managed to avoid last year. Then a horde of Zombie Vixens ... you never no when a Zombie outbreak may occur.

And to round it off I got a few boxes for American War of Independence, some Continentals and Militia, along with a box of Woodland Indians. Which will work well with AWI and also add to my Indian gang for Hero's of the Old West.

God knows when I'm going to get time to paint them, think they will make the back shelf for a future project. As currently I have Mark painting my ACW models since I've been so busy at work. .. and haven't had the energy or mojo to do any painting myself.

I'm gonna live forever as there no way I can die anytime soon with that horde stilling on the shelf, cant die until everything is painted as they say.

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