16 November 2015

Judge Dredd and the Crispy Department

Life goes on, as does work.
Gaming this year has been a bit slower than previous years and having alot of other distractions and large amounts of work hasn't helped. But with summer well on its way I hoping that it will bring back some enthusiasm along with the warm weather.

Judge Dread has been played at the club for the last few months and this month was the final campaign day. So cheating a little bit, I'm using Bryan's write up ... and added some details from my games as well, along with some photos I shot of my games.

November 2015 meeting saw the conclusion of our Judge Dredd campaign which we have been playing for the last 3 months.

Not too many games played at the November  club meeting with both Arthur and Harry missing in action this month, and although Mark showed up he didn’t play any games because zombies can’t climb L, so he was still a bit sad about that.

Jason’s Angel Gang took on Bryan’s Apes in a kill the leader scenario. The Apes put up a gallant fight with their heavy spit guns pouring out death, taking out one of just three in the Angel Gang, but Mean Machine dialled himself up and took care of business in the end.

Kevin continued his meteoric rise up the leader board, taking on Bryan’s Apes in a Turf War and completely wiping the simians out. Most of the Apes came back though (minions) and their leader Gaz only got a scratch!

Glenn’s Judda also took on the Angel Gang later in the day in another Turf War, but came unstuck when he failed to take out Mean Machine after several opportunities, then ran out of Judda to hold the required table quarters so Jason’s Angel Gang claimed their second win of the day.

Glenn's Judda dealt out the burning heat on my Judge's with cruel efficiency, and a last ditch effort of my Physic was foiled by the teleporting trickery of the Judda. Thankfully all my Judges survived that battle, all feeling a little barbecued and several now sporting with some new bionic arms and legs. 

I really hate fire weapons, my Judges seem to just attract anything that sets them on fire. Flame grilled and crispy Judges never seem to be able to roll dice very well. 

The fire department weren't much help as they  ended up in a pile up and didnt even put out my Judges as they got flame grilled.

A few cheap toy vehicles made for a fun addition to my terrain, and for some extra fun we had them randomly moving down the roads as the gangs slugged it out. We had intersection pile ups in both games and a crazy loon driving on the wrong side of the road with a caravan in tow.

After that Cavan’s Kleggs were going tooth and claw(and heavy spit guns) against my Justice Department. With the points difference, I hied a couple of Video reporters to try and boost my financial status, since I'd spent most of my credits repairing and replacing lost limbs of my crew.
I got plastered quite well with spit gun shots as Cavan's die rolling was just to good. I did manage to out shoot one Klegg with my Sniper Judge and a few tricks. But that didnt save one of my Video reporters from being eaten. In the end Cavan pushed me back enough to take the scenario win.

In the final wash-up the campaign winner was Kevin, with a clear lead on the rest of the field. 

After the day’s play the  final rankings in the campaign were:

East-Meg Invasion Force
Klegg Invasion Force
The Judda
The Justice Department
The Ape Gang
The Angel Gang
Judge Cal’s Personal Retinue
The Justice Department

Zombie Horde

Awesome fun all round.

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