10 April 2016

Kings of War

Jeepers Creepers, its been awhile since I've done a blog post. With such an awesome summer, outdoor activities and my photography have taken up all my time. Been teaching myself video editing, which then lead to sound editing, which is an entirely mind blowingly and complicated subject. (still alot of fun trying to learn about it) Anyways, as autumn is apon us the gaming will come back to the forefront.

So yesterday was the usual South Auckland Gaming club day. And with a few guys getting into Kings of War version two, I dusted off the old Dark Elves from under piles of other boxes and managed to put together 1000 points of mostly painted models.

Philip has been playing alot at the north shore club so we tee'd up some games to teach me and get back into the rules, while the other lads at the club bashed out some games of Lord of the Rings before the tournament next weekend.

I was expecting to get total schooled by Philip as I got up to speed with the rules, and after losing my Dark Nights in turn two without having done anything other than move, I was expecting to get whipped. But as it turned out I did a few things right and turned the game around and won.

The first game was just a straight up annihilate each other (the Kill scenario) , the second game we played was the Pillage scenario.  After a well matched battle where both sides took alot of damage and casualties. The extremely tactical perversion and placement of one of Philip's Hordes meant he held two objectives over my one. In my very last attack of the game I had a chance to destroy the horde unit holding two objectives. So with a fireball from hell and some exceptional dice rolling I fired the horde and won the second game.

Game three we played the Invade scenario which ended up being a very much tit of tat game and we battled it out. In the end I had destroyed most of Philip's  units and he was left with Hero's  and one unit, while he had destroyed most of my expensive units, leaving us with a draw.

  After that Mark turned up with some Goblins that he had rolled up, and proceeded to roll over Phillips Kingdom of Men with some obscene dice rolling....( using my dice damn it :-).

So a very good day for me, and not so much for Phillip's Kingdom of Men. I must say the rule set has been cleaned up nicely from what I remember of version one. I love the fact you cant really get side swiped by obscure rules that you don't know about because of some codex or random rule that neuters you troops abilities. And of course it also helped that Phillip is a like minded gentleman's gamer.

So looking forward to some more Kings of War while I paint my Union ACW army and finish off my Greek Hail Cesar models.

Could really do with a proper list for the KOW Twilight Kin (still waiting for the version 2 list come out), in the mean time think I'll have to recruit some allied Legion of Everblight Ogres into the ranks so I can make up a 1500 point list. Below was my very successful  1000 point list that I used.

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