18 April 2016

KOW - 3500 points

After winning an auction on Trademe for some Dark Elves  (NZ’s version of EBay) I got more than I had expected when the box arrived this week. Some 70+ models, including an old school Chariot, dark nights and some dark horse riders (forget what they were called in the old Warhammer universe)  Most of it was painted to a basic level of the standard colours, and all the infantry was double based which was a bit strange. That is each model was on the standard 20mm base, then two models were glued on top of a cavalry base. Weird, but I’m not complaining since I got more that I was expecting, 80c per model is good in my books.  So the Dremal and a heavy duty craft knife took no time in debasing them. Had to use the dermal to cut the metal witches of the bases. Shields removed and then a quick highlight and a touch of detail. Repaint the shield and glue them on.. bingo ..  couple of hours a couple of units complete. The 12 witches were poorly painted so they will take some work at a future point. The main thing is I now have a good base of models for my Kings of War army and I get to use all my old models.

Already started on the repaint of the cold ones.

I then added to all that after buying Mark’s old army as he wasn’t using them and wanted to downsize his massive collection before he moves house. So I now have enough for some really flexible lists and I can make a 3500 point list and field everything. 

The only thing I'm missing now is a couple of other chariots, which I'm just going to use some hell hounds as proxy's for the moment.

Looking forward to getting the movement trays from Sarissa Precision in the mail soon and getting some more games in.

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